A Note From God

I was enjoying lifeWith a secure future Suddenly, a dense darknessCame from nowhereTurned everything upside downAnd left me with.. Lifeless life andA future with question mark Forced me to write a letterTo creator of allWith an obvious shame-Where was this thought,When I had it all? A very long letterWith countless wordsLimitless questionsFor exaggeration of miseryWas… Continue reading A Note From God


Immune System

Our immune system has lot more to do than protection from "Corona". We all are blessed to have good immune system. If it gets weakened, pathogens attack and we become ill. White blood cells are responsible for our immunity. There are 5 main types of white blood cells - Monocytes, Leukocytes, Lymphocytes, Mesophils and Basophils.… Continue reading Immune System