Here’s something I want to share about my writing journey.

I started writing in my early 20s. I used to write articles about Diet & Nutrition for a Gujarati tabloid in Ahmadabad. It continued for almost a year. Then on my birthday, my senior colleague gifted me a diary and told me to write about each day. That helped me cultivate the habit of journaling.

For many years since then, my writing was limited to my diary. Two years ago, I joined an online course on writing and wrote a short story as a part of an exercise. After that we met. I had already become a fan of your writing by then. I also wanted to write poems. But due to my limited knowledge of English vocabulary, I started writing poems in Hindi.

One day, I decided to write a poem in English. I could do it. I was surprised. Last year, I started a blog to share information about diet and health. I also wrote poems on topics like current dietary behavior, happy endings, digital detox among others. All these subjects are difficult to write a poem on but , surprisingly, I was successful.

My blog has a good amount of followers now. I had shared a couple of poems written by me for publishing on a very famous blog on WordPress. Few days ago, my dream came true. One of my poems got published on that renowned platform where the work of many international poets, having huge fan following gets published.

When I saw my work published there, I couldn’t believe it. Who could have thought that a girl who studied in a Gujarati medium school could write a poem in English and manage to get it published in a famous blog of USA. That poem was appreciated by many other bloggers as well. Here’s the link for you.

Before I met you, I had never imagined that I could ever write a poem in any language.

In my entire family and even amongst my close friends, nobody writes poems but I do. How am I able to do it, is a mystery for me too.

All I wanted to tell you is..

Thank you so much for INSPIRING!!

I know that still there is a very long way to go. But I’ll make sure that I become a better, brighter and an inspiring writer one day!!

10 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. Thanks for your wonderful post.
    Its flattering, brought a big, bright smile.
    But honestly, Its all you. You made it all happen. Its your hardwork, dedication, conviction thats resulted in this success.
    Very happy for you. Hope you achieve many more milestones.
    Keep flying girl!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

    Liked by 1 person

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